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This event was held on 2021.11.29 (Mon).

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Geila Zilkha & SUPER SOUL JAZZ
11.29 (Mon) ⇨ 12.06 (Mon) | Online Streaming

Geila Zilkha & SUPER SOUL JAZZ

Gira Zilkha, a popular jazz / R & B singer with overwhelming singing ability and international essence from a wide range. The unit "Geila Zilkha & SUPER SOUL JAZZ", which was released in 2016 and still gains enthusiastic support, appears in Kelly's!

  • alarm Open 2021/11/29 (Mon) 19:45
  • date_range 2021/11/29 (Mon) 20:00 - 2021/12/06 (Mon)
  • grade Jazz / R&B / Pop
  • label竹中俊二加納樹麻
  • Jazz Live

A special stage where some of Japan's most luxurious musicians meet.

Super soul songs, whose high-concentration play by top musicians with a great sense will move the listeners' hearts, will color the "song" and create excitement. ..


Geila Zilkha (Vo)

Junji Takenaka (G) Shinichi Kusama (Keys) SOKUSAI (B) Juasa Kanoh (D)


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  • 竹中俊二
  • 加納樹麻
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