Manami Shimizu Piano Trio
02.16 (Tue) ⇨ 02.23 (Tue) | Online Streaming

Manami Shimizu Piano Trio

Ai Shimizu, a pianist who is energetically active mainly in the Kansai region, will deliver a hot stage with Naoki Mitsuoka and Keito Nakano.

  • alarm Open 2021/02/16 (Tue) 20:45
  • date_range 2021/02/16 (Tue) 21:00 - 2021/02/23 (Tue)
  • grade Jazz / Acoustic / Instrumental
  • Jazz Live

[Profile of Ai Shimizu] She started her performance activities mainly in Kansai while attending the jazz course of the jazz course of the Osaka College of Music. After her graduation, she joined a group of many musicians and performed various stages. Veteran Mi She is a musician She has a lot of trust from her, and she is expanding her field of activity more and more as a young pianist representing Kansai. She is also the chairman of the Hard Bop Study Group, and she is working to deepen her understanding of hard bop and promote it. She won the 13th Naniwa Jazz Award.

Ai Shimizu (P) Naoki Mitsuoka (B) Keito Nakano (D)

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