SOA 30th Birthday Live
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SOA 30th Birthday Live

Singer-songwriter SOA, who expresses original music with outstanding composition and arrangement, will form a trio with Yusuke Shima, a trumpet player and producer of the 1st full album "Voice of Buoy", and Satoshi Sugiyama, a young pianist representing Kansai. , Appeared in Kellys as her own birthday live.

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SOA is a singer and songwriter who expresses original music with outstanding composition and arrangement ability and singing voice full of jazz feel.
Yusuke Shima, the most important person in the music scene and a trumpet player, participates as a producer and player in SOA's 1st full-length album "Voice of Buoy".
And Satoshi Sugiyama, a young pianist who represents Kansai.
SOA appears in Kellys as her own birthday live in a trio.
Its musicality attracts attention in the scene and gives off a presence.
We hope that the sound of young musicians representing Kansai, who are full of hope, will be fulfilling and that they will be in their 30s.

[SOA profile]
After enrolling in the Department of Music at Osaka University of Arts, he studied music theory, singing, and expression, focusing on jazz, R & B, soul, and pop, and started full-scale activities in 2016.
Won the Grand Prix at the 35th Asakusa JAZZ CONTEST.
Won the semi-grand prix at the 17th Kobe JAZZ VOCAL QUEEN CONTEST.
Won the semi-grand prix in the SOA Band at the Kanazawa JAZZ STREET Competition 2016.
Finalist of Sapporo City Park Jazz Live Competition 2017.
Released 1st mini album "SOA" in 2017 and 2nd album "FIND" in 2018.
2020.5.20 1st Full Album "Voice of Buoy" released.

SOA (Vo)
Yusuke Shima (Tp,Fl,Flh) Satoshi Sugiyama (P)

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