RIYOKO TAKAGI solo piano
03.31 (Wed) ⇨ 04.07 (Wed) | Online Streaming

RIYOKO TAKAGI solo piano

Guiltless jazz pianist Riyoko Takagi, who is sweeping with high musicality and overwhelming playing power, appears on a solo piano.You can't miss this live performance where you can enjoy Riyoko Takagi, who has created a whirlwind in the music scene with its distinctive sound and visuals!

  • alarm Open 2021/03/31 (Wed) 19:45
  • date_range 2021/03/31 (Wed) 20:00 - 2021/04/07 (Wed)
  • grade Jazz / Pop / Acoustic
  • Jazz Live

A shocking major debut with "THE DEBUT!" From "avex".
After appearing in Tokyo Jazz, the topic soared.
Based on jazz, it is attracting attention for its genre-agnostic sound and improvisation, as well as its vivid fashion and visuals that make it hard to believe that it is a jazz musician.
Since she was a student at Keio University, she started her activities at clubs and live houses in Tokyo in earnest, gained popularity for her illusionary improvisation, and is in a unique position among female pianists who are in the midst of melee. Build up.
She is also active as a keyboard player for the club house unit "Inner City Jam Orchestra" in collaboration with DJ.
With her charming character, she has gained a wide range of fans and continues to fascinate her.

Riyoko Takagi (P)

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