Hisatsugu Suzuki & Haruya Kibata DUO
09.13 (Mon) ⇨ 09.20 (Mon) | Online Streaming

Hisatsugu Suzuki & Haruya Kibata DUO

Hirotsugu Suzuki & Haruya Kibata. Infinitely beautiful and superb sound produced by old-known jazz men!

  • alarm Open 2021/09/13 (Mon) 19:45
  • date_range 2021/09/13 (Mon) 20:00 - 2021/09/20 (Mon)
  • grade Jazz / Acoustic / Instrumental
  • Jazz Live

Participated in Yuji Ohno & Lupine Six as a regular member.

Miki Imai, Hitomi Shimatani, ZARD, noon, and many other artists have shown various talents as a saxophonist, producer, and sound direction.

Hirotsugu Suzuki establishes a position as a saxophonist representing Japan in terms of both popularity and ability.

Participated in many domestic and international bands including "KIBATANA BAND" and Terumasa Hino New Direction.

Haruya Kibata is a pianist who has a high level of musical ability and a well-honed sensibility, and is highly trusted.

Please entrust your body and soul to the infinitely beautiful and superb sound produced by the old-known Jazzmen.


Hirotsugu Suzuki (Ts)

Haruya Kibata (P)


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