“GROOVE SKOOL” featuring MARTY, TAKU & KO 4thシングル配信記念ライブ
10.13 (Wed) ⇨ 10.20 (Wed) | Online Streaming

“GROOVE SKOOL” featuring MARTY, TAKU & KO 4thシングル配信記念ライブ

Super band "GROOVE SKOOL" where the strongest groove of the Trinity explodes non-stop. It is a super dangerous band that Mr. Kelly's recommends.

  • alarm Open 2021/10/13 (Wed) 19:45
  • date_range 2021/10/13 (Wed) 20:00 - 2021/10/20 (Wed)
  • grade Jazz / Hip Hop / Funk
  • label清水興
  • Jazz Live

Ko Shimizu, the strongest bassist of the world-famous No. 1 live band "Naniwa Express", famous for "Groove Master of Naniwa".

Marty Bracey has established a solid position as a groove drummer by supporting Omega Tribe, Minako Honda, Masaki Ueda, Junko Yagami, etc., including "Monta & Brothers".

Groove guitarist TAKU, an insist who plays an active role as a pioneer of HIP-HOP BAND in Japan.

Start with noise at our shop. "GROOVE SKOOL" is a super band where the strongest groove of the Trinity explodes once it sounds.

From classic soul classics to funk and neo-soul original songs, it will surely uplift the viewer!

This band, which Mr. Kelly's recommends, is really crazy.


Ko Shimizu (EB) from NANIWA EXP

Marty Bracey (D) ex Monta & Brothers

TAKU (G) from Insist



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